The 6 Tips For A Better Identity Theft Protection

The 6 Tips For A Better Identity Theft Protection

Identity theft protection in the USA is a problem that is increasing by leaps and bounds with each passing year. Is Identity theft protection one of the main concerns you are facing? If you say yes, you are going to learn some simple tips you can practice to avoid suffering from the crime of the crooks and live peacefully.

According to the FTC’s “Consumer Sentinel Network Data Book,” the most common categories for fraud complaints last year were imposter scams, debt collection, and identity theft.

  The very best identity theft protection is taking proactive action always. It is also making it as difficult as possible for the offenders to get their hands on your personal information.

So, ..

what are the 6 ways that can help you foil the bad guys and make their job far more difficult. 

Destroy All Your Private Records

Make sure you take special care to destroy all your private records and accounts statements.  Shred or tear up any credit card bills, bank account statements, insurance coverage paperwork, and even credit solicitations that you get that contain any type of personal or financial information

Get A Locking Mailbox

Locate a way to keep your email secure.  Pick up your email immediately after shipping, get a locking mailbox, or a P.O. box so that the crooks can’t get their hands on any of your information by snatching your mail.  Don’t place your incoming obligations into your home mailbox for pickup.   Always mail your payments at the post office or at another bonded drop off point.

Protect Your SSN

Protect your Social Security Number at all costs.  Never carry your Social Security card with you or another kind of document that might have it, like a medical insurance card.  Never put your Social Security Number on your checks because that is the main target. If you do that means you have provided them with the information they need to get your bank accounts along with your credit report.

Keep An Eye On Your Credit Card

Do not ever allow your credit card to be out of your sight, even for a minute.   Always keep your eyes glued to your card during shopping time and if that is not possible then pay in cash. Just do not use credit cards anymore if you cannot adhere to this. those guys are smart and they have all the tips and tricks you cannot imagine to record your details and make use of them.

No Details Through The Phone Unless You Know

Be conscious of who you are dealing with.  If someone contacts you through the phone and asks for any personal, private identity information don’t provide them with any information. Do not do that until you know precisely who they are, what company they’re from, and the purpose of the call.  If you think that the call is legitimate, look up the company contacts in your records and call back.  Confirm and re-confirm what you were told. You can then proceed to provide your information when you’re satisfied that you are talking to an authorized representative. You can also sign up for the federal Do-Not-Call registry at 888-382-1222 to cut back on the telemarketing calls you get.  Nevertheless, this won’t prevent your own credit card companies, or other companies you’re a customer of from calling you.

Keep an Eye On Your Credit Report

Keep a close eye on your credit report.  Review your account once a year and more frequently in the event that you suspect there is anything suspicious happening on your accounts.  If you notice any suspicious activity, contact your credit card company immediately by using their policies on how best to report identity theft.  There are also credit protection services that monitor your credit report and will alert you of changes in your report and can also help with information about exploring identity theft.


If you carefully follow these above-mentioned measures, it would be the best identity theft security steps that you have ever taken.  As identity theft in American continues to be a vexing problem for millions of individuals, you should do all you can to be proactive.  In addition, learn how to report identity theft by contacting your bank and credit card companies so that you are able to act as fast as possible if you wind up having your identity stolen

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